Getting the JACL Pacific Southwest District to be a Little More Social

No don't go to sleep!!! We need to get more social!!!

By: Craig Ishii

What does getting more social even mean?

I recently had a revelation after attending a fantastic social media retreat, with one of JACL’s coalitions, where it was revealed to us that the internet “is not a bulletin board of updates and notifications” but instead “an increasingly interactive space for people and organizations to connect with each other and share experiences, events and thoughts.” Extremely excited about this information, I brought over to the JACL Pacific Southwest Staff only to be told….. “erm yeah Craig, no duh, that’s called web 2.0.” 25 years young (almost 26)….. and still behind the technological curve.

BUT, now is the time to for the JACL Pacific Southwest District to get more social and we need your help to get us there, we need to move to JACL 2.0. What are you thoughts?

Here’s what we have:

  • Email Newsletter (goes out once a month with our biggest updates)
  • Standard Website (also updated once a month with our biggest updates)
  • Facebook Page (that acts like a website)

Here’s what we do:

  • We update our online materials once a month and post them to our facebook page

Here’s what we brainstormed:

  • Email newsletters twice a month (1 blog newsletter, 1 standard newsletter)
  • Brand new website (going up Thursday of next week)
  • Creation of a twitter
  • More interaction on facebook & twitter: meaning, we want to hear feedback and we’ll be providing feedback to the feedback
  • THIS blog: with LOTS and LOTS of blogs weekly!

So what else do we need??? Enlighten us.
(ps. since we only have one subscriber to this blog…. me….I’ll probably post this entry again in a month or so)

Happy 2011.