You can go bowling and support the District at the same time!

By, Andrew Yick

I can’t wait for JACL PSW’s 3rd Annual Bowl-a-Thon to be over with.  Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t mean that I’m dreading it.  Rather, I’m really curious to know how much money we’ll raise this year.  I’m hopeful that we’ll kick some %#! and break a record!

Let’s look at how much money we’ve raised for PSW through this event.  In Year 1, we raised $3,000 (woo hoo!).  In Year 2, by creating bowling teams who were each given a minimum fundraising goal of $900, we raised $11,000!  That was a 267% bump…not shabby, if I may say so myself.  The amount that we raised had nothing to do with the number of pins we successfully knocked down.  It had 100% to do with just 55 bowlers asking their own friends and family to help out with a small donation.  People said “yes” because we asked if they would.

So, this year, in Year 3, we’re wanting to raise $4,000-$6,000 more than we did in Year 2, making the total goal $15,000-$17,000.  I know, I can almost hear what you’re thinking — that sounds awfully like a pie-in-the-sky goal.  But, really, it’s truly do-able.  I’m hoping you’ll give me a few seconds to explain my logic behind the financial madness…

We are working to create 17 bowling teams.  Each team will have up to 6 bowlers.  17×6=102 bowlers.  We’re going to ask each team to raise collectively a minimum of $1,000…yes, $1,000.

Before you laugh even louder, please give me another second to explain.  With 6 bowlers on a team, that means that each person has to raise just $167.  So if you’re a bowler, you’ll have to ask a total of just 16 friends and/or family to donate just $10 each.  That sounds feasible, right?  Or, you can ask 32 friends/family to give $5 each in order to raise your $167.

But just think, if you asked those same 16 or 32 folks for a donation and they each gave 2x what you hoped for, you can single-handedly raise $320 instead of $167.  And if this applied to the entire team, your team can raise $2,000 instead of the $1,000!

That’s why I can’t wait for this bowl-a-thon to be over with.  I want to know if we can raise $15,000-$17,000 this year.  Hey, if Obama raised a formidable campaign war chest by collecting tons of $10 donations, and if the Tea Party movement mobilized through grassroots efforts, then that pie-in-the-sky goal of $15K-$17K isn’t really too hard to imagine for the bowl-a-thon.

If you have more questions or want to explain how misguided my thinking is, feel free to call or email me!  We welcome your participation.