Did you turn in your application for Bridging Communities 2011?!

I LOVE bridging communities because it's great, so join us

Hello Blogosphere!

We are still accepting applications for Bridging Communities 2011! We’ve extended the deadline to January 31, 2011. Applications and more information available on jaclpsw.org. Send all applications to me, yogino@jaclpsw. org. If you have any questions please feel free to email me!

As the Bridging Communities Intern, I am super excited for this program and the newly added alumni portion. We have a couple of new workshops planned for this year, and a strong group of alumni to help us out. This time around, we’re focusing on leadership development for the new participants and understanding “the power of narrative” to the alumni group. I got most of the alumni portion from my late professor, John Delloro. And I hope it measures up to what he taught me during my college days.