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I have been here for about three months now, and as a Bridging Communities Intern, I have learned quite a lot. First off, I actually apply the theories and skills that I learned in college to this job. A lot of the theories or concepts that I consider come from Paulo Freire, Glenn Omatsu, and Tony Osumi. Probably because all of them are grounded in working with the community, mostly people who are disenfranchised, many of the their approaches to teaching utilize the  senses (for lack of better terms). Being in the mainstream American educational system we mainly consume “knowledge” through the means of an authority on the subject in the context of a classroom. But Freire, Omatsu, and Osumi, have different prespectives that are equally, if not more poignant.

How do you learn? How does your community learn? Where did you learn how to learn? How does that affect how you teach others?


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  1. Yay for Freire! For me, reading Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed was an instrumental factor in my educational practices!

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