We’re just ordinary people…but not really…

By Stacy Toyota

We’re kind of wrapping up “birthday season” here at the Pacific Southwest District – we have a lot of birthdays to celebrate between the months of November – January.  This birthday whirlwind brought about a lot of talk about astrology, personality types, and the Chinese zodiac.

We brought in this fun personality test that some of us had already done before and asked people to take it for their “work” persona and their “social” persona. Staff, board members, friends, and anyone else who passed through our office in the past two weeks were asked to take it. Without going too much in depth, there are different characteristics listed and you check off ones that you think apply to yourself. Then we graphed them onto a chart that ultimately tells you if you’re a driver, expressive, amiable, or analytical.

In addition to this being really fun and hilarious, it also is actually really helpful to see what the work styles really are in our office. It helps me work better with others and find better ways to relate to them and vice versa. For example, I know sometimes as a work “driver”, I can come off as slightly cold or uncaring, so when I interact with expressives or amiables, I try to be conscious of how I behave towards them because I know they don’t respond well to some of my driver tendencies.

Come stop by our office and take a look at our chart and take the personality test!


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