All those pretty memories

the maze that is our office

By Stacy Toyota

For those of you who don’t know, the JACL Pacific Southwest District office will be moving this week!  We’ll be moving from our current home in the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center to the Pacific Citizen office.  Even though their office is still down the street, this still requires us to pack up all of our stuff and have movers come pick all of our stuff up.

The original thought of moving and packing up our whole office was EXTREMELY overwhelming and made me super anxious.  But it’s actually been a good way to re-organize and re-evaluate what I need and what I don’t.  For example, do I need to keep my old intern’s InStyle magazines that somehow keep getting sent here?  Not really.

It’s also interesting going through a lot of the stuff in our office because you realize how much history is here and how many people have affected and worked for the district throughout our tenure here (we were here at the JACCC since it first opened!).   You realize how many people have come before you and how many stories and memories are here in all of these boxes.

We’ll continue to create new memories and stories as we move into our new home on Thursday and try to keep you all posted on some of them!

5 thoughts on “All those pretty memories

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  2. Jeff, that’s not even a joke. Craig totally does rely on magazines for his style. He cuts them out!

  3. Your move reminds me of my project stuff I moved upstairs—among which is a 3 ft photo of a 19?? JACL convention delegates holding chapter signs.
    Don’t you want to display it at the upcoming convention?

  4. Oh, no wonder Elena doesn’t know why that subscription comes to our office under her name – maybe Craig’s using her as a cover up!

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