Have you ever visited a WWII Japanese American Confinement Camp?

By, Alex Margolin

This year thanks to grant support from the National Park Service, JACL PSW’s program Bridging Communities has been expanded outside of Los Angeles and will be launched in San Francisco and Seattle.

Each of these groups will visit one of three WWII confinement sites: Manzanar National Historic Site, Minidoka Internment National Monument, or Tule Lake National Monument. As the program associate working with this grant, I have the unique opportunity of visiting each of these sites in one calendar year.

For me, this is exciting because I’ve never visiting any of the sites before. In many ways, in the months ahead I will be learning about the Japanese American experience during WWII along with our Bridging Communities high school students. Like many of them I imagine, I do not know exactly what to expect so I’d love to hear from all of you!

Have you ever gone on a pilgrimage?  If so, what was the most powerful part of your experience, and why do you think it is important that people continue to visit?


One thought on “Have you ever visited a WWII Japanese American Confinement Camp?

  1. I’ve never visited a Japanese American WWII internment camp, are there opportunities for those of us to visit them if we are not part of the Bridging Communities program? This is a great opportunity for these high school kids, but also for others who have not had the chance.

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