What’s in a Logo?

by, Craig Ishii

fly high JACL

2010 and 2011 have seen a multitude of companies and organizations changing their logos. We’ve seen some successful examples like Union Bank….. and some not so successful examples…. like the gap, who actually ended up keeping their original logo after the feedback they received from the online community.

*On a side note…. I’m convinced that I could have designed a logo better than the arial font/blue box of the new gap logo on the right….

But that’s beside the point. What’s in a logo? A logo without the usage of sentences or phrases is the quintessential symbol for the company or organization. Although people know that Union Bank does banking, and the Gap sells clothes and JACL is an advocacy-based organization, the logo is still the first thing that pops in to the head when you think of the organization. So with that said, the logo needs to adapt to the changing face of the organization.

The JACL Pacific Southwest District has changed its logo. JACL has always been about Civil Liberties and protecting Civil Rights, which is where the eagle comes from. In the previous National JACL logo the eagle is perched on a shield. The way I understand it is: the JACL is protecting the security, and civil rights of Japanese Americans, thus the need for the shield. I was told that the eagle is facing right, which is opposite of the eagle on the back of a $1 bill. This is to symbolize defiance. The new logo has the eagle, as a tribute to the previous logo, but this time the eagle is soaring, it’s looking to connect with other communities, looking to find new issues to advocate on and not just waiting for issues to approach it.

So this is it. Our unveiling. Onward with our new logo.