Will Little Tokyo Become Just One Big Yogurtland?

My parents recently moved to LA and are living in Little Tokyo.  Each day after dinner, they take their usual stroll around the neighborhood.  One day, they jokingly said that they’re probably the oldest folks in Little Tokyo.  As we have all observed, many “young folks” in their 20’s and 30’s are socializing (and, in some cases, living) in Little Tokyo, dramatically changing the demographics of the area and the “vibe.”


These changes are raising lots of questions for stakeholders, such as “what do want Little Tokyo to be”? “What kinds of businesses would we like to have in the area?”  Basically, these are all questions regarding self-identity, if you will.  Do we let Little Tokyo change organically and see what results?  Or do we make efforts at engineering?  Most likely, the latter is taking place and stakeholders will get together to guide the changing dynamics of the neighborhood.  What would you ideally want Little Tokyo to be like?