The Bandwagon Effect – Going Green!

By Sen Sugano

The Bandwagon Effect is a term typically heard in the realm of sports. I mean, half of America recently joined die hard Green Bay Packers fans in rooting for the team because everyone else was doing it–who cares if they’re the last of the non-profit, community-based NFL franchises who give back to their community?

Anyways, getting back to the subject… just last week, the District Office officially hopped on the “going green” bandwagon. Yes, we’ve been effected by the masses (everyone is doing it), so our office has just begun to recycle. I know, I know–we should be ashamed of ourselves. Believe me, I am. But things are looking up for the District and well, our environment. We just purchased two-large recycling bins that will collect everything from paper to plastic (or really just those two). Unfortunately the only downfall to our new recycling program is the fact that staff will have to take turns taking the recyclables home. Any volunteers for this week? The bins are already full.