Walk With Me

Bridging Communities meets former Secretary of Transportation Norm Mineta at Day of Remembrance

By Stacy Toyota

Time is flying by so quickly these days.  It’s February, which means it’s “program season”!  We kicked off Bridging Communities and our Collegiate Japanese American Internship in the last two weeks, along with helping put on a Day of Remembrance program, so our department has been busy, to say the least.

The one thing about these programs is that all of them are largely successful because of the other organizations we partner with that help them come to fruition.  And it’s because of the dedication and hard work they put in that we are able to carry out successful programs like the ones I mentioned above, and why I’m extremely grateful to all of them.  I think this just becomes so much more apparent and powerful when I see these programs in action and all hands are on deck, like this weekend at our first session of Bridging Communities and DOR.

Atif’s CAIR branded shoes…clever marketing!

So in short, I’m very happy to be working right now with great organizations like NCRR, CAIR-LA, and JANM.  I’m always learning from them and enjoy our partnership on a professional and personal level and am looking forward to our continued work on our programs.


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