Seeking Applicants for our new oral history program in San Fernando Valley!

Seeking Applicants for our new oral history program in San Fernando Valley! (by: Eri Kameyama)

Have you ever heard your grandmother talk about her childhood memories? Have you ever wanted to share your family history? Well, here is your chance! High-schoolers, college students and adults are highly encouraged to apply now for our new program!!

JACL PSW, SFV JACL, and the SFV Japanese American Community Center (JACC) is partnering up to run this new multi-generational oral history program called “Katarou Histories” for this upcoming summer. “Katarou” means “lets share stories” and this is the purpose of this program– to tell stories across generations.

Katarou Histories is a 10 week interactive program for students (ages 15-21) and adults to collaboratively foster an understanding of identity, community, and the importance of preserving oral histories in the San Fernando Valley’s Japanese American community. Through a series of workshops and activities, participants will learn the significance of telling their own stories and preserving their oral histories through creative outlets. Each session will gather facilitators and speakers from various parts of the community to conduct interactive workshops focused on issues of ethnic identity, to the role of oral histories, to more artistic modes of activism.

Katarou Histories will meet every Thursday evening from 6-9PM from June 14 to August 23, 2012 with the exception of July 5th. There will also be a retreat on July 14-15 where participants can interact with more community members and gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for Japanese American identity, community, history, and activism.

The latter half of the program will be dedicated towards creating the final project to present at Culmination Day on August 23rd. As participants get familiar with oral history methods and creative activism, they will learn to become agents of the preservation of history through the creation of their own work!!

For more information and applications, please visit or contact our Associate Regional Director, Marissa Kitazawa or (213) 626- 4471. Applications are being accepted NOW right here!

There is no registration fee :]

What are you waiting for? Sign-up now!