Nick News Asks: What does it mean to be APA?

Imageby Marissa Kitazawa
“My roots, strongly planted in this country but reaching back to Japan, influence everything about me, from the foods I eat to my musical interests, religious beliefs, values and to the choices I make… I celebrate being Asian American in small and large ways because I believe I have a legacy to push myself to be a better person, and to contribute to a more just society.” Riki Eigima
A couple of months ago, the JACL regional offices were asked by Nickelodeon-TV producers to find middle school students for a show that would highlight Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.  Specifically, we were requested to find Japanese American youth whose grandparents or great-grandparents were incarcerated during WW II.   JACL PSW submitted a number of names from Camp Musubi to the show’s producers and the “kids” were then interviewed and selected. We are excited to see the answers they have come up with!  The Segment is set to run on Sunday, May 27 at 9PM!