We’re RELAUNCHING the blog!!

I’m happy to announce that we are relaunching our blog along with the rest of our social media platforms!  We’ve already created our new JACL PSW facebook page and you may have noticed that we started tweeting again!  Please check out those pages and like/follow us to keep up with all our latest news.

There will be a new blog every Monday written by Regional Director, PSW Staff and PSW members to keep you updated on all the things that have been going on in our wonderful district.

To kick things off a little bit, I’ll be reflecting about an incredible event that I went to last night called Nikkei Voices.  nikkei voicesThis was organized by the Intercollegiate Nikkei Council, with all the proceeds going toward the JACCC.  Scott Shima, one of the key organizers of this event, invited me to speak on behalf of the JACL during the event.  You can see my picture here.  It’s kind of hard to see, but I promise that’s me!

It was incredible to see how many students came out to support their peers and the cause on a Sunday evening from all over Southern California.  All the performers were very talented with acts ranging from comedy to dance to vocal performances!

For me being new to the community, it was a great opportunity to introduce myself to these students, but I was also so excited to see the INC come together for a community cause.  To me, this is what working for the community is all about.  Coming together when someone is in need, helping them out, and doing it in a fun way!  These college students were inspiring for me, and I look forward to seeing what else the INC has in store!

Please look out for our future blogs!

~Stephanie, JACL PSW Regional Director