Local Fundraising – A great way to bring out people to local events!

By: Alayne Yonemoto, PSW Board Member
A group of amateur artists gathered in Torrance on a beautiful spring day.  We were there to paint!  Eri, Nancy, and Stephanie – our very talented PSW Staff – have been thinking of creative ways to bring out our chapter members, community friends and program partners – but also raise money for our excellent youth programs.
Kaithyn - Bowl
This fun afternoon at Color Me Mine was a break from our traditional program/fundraiser.  I must say – we had some real talent!  I had the opportunity to sit with Jeff Murakami and family as they created one-of-a-kind art pieces.
Throughout the course of the event, I learned that we had many first-time painters in our group.  Like me, they had never done anything like this before.  But we also had several seasoned painters as well.  This is such a fun family activity.
In the middle of the painting, we got a very nice update on some of the Youth Programs that are going on in the district.  Lawrence Lan talked about Collegiate Asian Pacific Internship.  The proceds from this event helped to fund this year’s program.  Jeff Murakami spoke about Camp Musubi that happens right in the South Bay.  Another event that has a South Bay connection is Katarou Histories.  Due to the popularity of that program, we are offering sessions at the Gardena JCI this year.
Jeff Murakami speaks about Camp Musubi summer camp!

Jeff Murakami speaks about Camp Musubi summer camp!

After we painted, we ate on the patio just outside the studio.  It was a great way to end the very successful fundraising event.
This was a very simple event to coordinate.  And, it can be taken to nearly any chapter in our district!  If you have an interest to gather some families to paint, have a nice afternoon, and raise funds for the PSW Youth Programs – just let the PSW Staff know.  We need to continue to find creative ways to engage our families in JACL.  Having direct feedback at these types of events helps us to further tailor our Youth Programs to fit the needs of our membership.  And, the fundraising dollars we earn directly helps our on-going programs.
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