About Us

Our Vision

The JACL Pacific Southwest District envisions…
A socially just society where Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders and other community members feel enfranchised, empowered and are free of prejudice and discrimination in all facets of society.

Our Mission

Informed by the history and experience of the Japanese American community, The mission of the JACL Pacific Southwest District is to…
To advocate for civil rights and a vibrant community (economically, socially and culturally) through empowerment and activism for Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders and other disenfranchised communities.

What is the JACL Pacific Southwest District?

Founded in 1929, the Japanese American Citizens League (JACL) is the nation’s largest membership-based Asian American community organization with over 12,000 members in 112 chapters throughout the country. Over its 81 years of existence, JACL was instrumental in the protection of civil rights for Japanese Americans and other immigrant communities, especially during the incarceration of the community during World War II. In later years, in one of the largest and most famous campaigns in the history of the Japanese American community, JACL was a key player in the passage of the Civil  Liberties Act of 1988 which issued a Presidential apology to all Japanese American internees as well as a $20,000 payment in reparations.

The Pacific Southwest District of the JACL consists of over 3,000 members and is the second largest district in the organization. We are comprised of chapters throughout Southern California, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada. Our advocacy represents Asian and Pacific Islanders on a variety of issues and our programming spreads across the western half of the country.

The Pacific Southwest District has seen momentous growth over its history and will continue to be the leading advocate on community issues and the leading organization in developing future leaders. 

Please peruse through our 2009-2010 Activity Report to get a comprehensive picture of the advocacy and programming that our district is proud to implement on an annual basis. It is from the support and input of people like you that make us who we are!

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